NGB 14422

Phleum pratense L.

Collected from: Finland
Maintained by: Nordic Genetic Resource Center
Received: 23-Nov-2000
Backup location: Danmarks JordbrugsForskning
Life form:
Improvement status: Traditional cultivar/landrace
Reproductive uniformity:
Form received: Seed

Accession names and identifiers

Type: Accession name
Type: Duplicate accession number
Type: Donor accession number
Cooperator: Pärssinen, Pertti Boreal Plant Breeding Ltd.
MH 9808190502
Type: Collector accesion number
NGB14422 1
Type: Inventory

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ActionDateByOld NameNew Name
ID-CHECK20 Apr 2020 Phleum pratense

Source History

  • Accession was donated. 2000-11-23. Finland
    1. Pärssinen, Pertti, Boreal Plant Breeding Ltd.

  • Accession was origin. 2000-11-23. Finland

  • Accession was collected. 1998-08-19. Finland
    Habitat: Special habitat: ROA; Aspect direction: E; Slope percent: 2 Higher admin level: Länsi-Suomen lääni; Lower Admin level: Kiikoinen; Village name: Meskala; Farm name: Naulamäki Latitude: 61 deg. 25 min. 36 sec. North (61.42666667), Longitude: 22 deg. 39 min. 28 sec. East (22.65777778) Map it. Associated Species: Collector taxon: Phleum pratense

    Comment: Collector remark: Collection in Finland 1998

  • Accession was developed. Finland