NGB 103071

Pisum sativum L. subsp. sativum var. arvense (L.) Poir.

Collected from: Denmark
Maintained by: Nordic Genetic Resource Center
Backup location: Danmarks JordbrugsForskning
Life form:
Pedigree: Cultivar release year: 1975
Improvement status: 500_Advanced or improved cultivar
Reproductive uniformity:
Form received: Seed

Accession names and identifiers

Type: Accession name
Stamm 436/-76. No. 1.
Type: Breeder accession designation
Type: Donor accession name
Cooperator: Blixt, Stig Weibullsholm Plant Breeding Institute
WBH 3071
Type: Donor accession number
Cooperator: Blixt, Stig Weibullsholm Plant Breeding Institute
Type: Culton name
NGB103071 1
Type: Inventory

Intellectual Property Rights

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Cultivar description: Fasciated pea variety, many pink flowers in the top. Tall and late cultivar.; Cultivar subtype: FODDER


ActionDateByOld NameNew Name
ID-CHECK20 Apr 2020 Pisum sativum var. arvense

Source History

  • Accession was origin. Denmark

  • Accession was donated. Sweden
    Associated Species: Donor taxon name: Pisum sativum L. s.l.
    1. Blixt, Stig, Weibullsholm Plant Breeding Institute

  • Accession was collected. Denmark

  • Accession was developed. 1975.

    Comment: Breeder remark: alleledesignations (genotype):b,Kp,fn,fna,D


Date released: 1975.
Description: Cultivar release year: 1975